Junior Infrastructure engineer (UK Remote)

Jumping Rivers is hiring!


Jumping Rivers is an analytics company whose passion is data and machine learning. We help our clients move from data storage to data insights.

The company has three key strands: training, data engineering and machine learning consultancy. As a small company, the roles are rarely clear cut. We think this is a good thing.; the team get to experience different ideas and concepts, never stuck on mundane tasks.

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the Catalyst Building - home to the National Innovation Centre for Data. But half the company is remote (within the UK). We trust our team to manage their own time. If you want to go a run in the afternoon and work later, that's fine with us!

If you are based near Newcastle, then you can come into our office. Alternatively, work where is convenient (provided you can get to London and/or Edinburgh in reasonable time).

Job Description

Location: Remote, but within the UK. This may involve travel to London or Edinburgh.


We are currently looking to expand our data engineering team to bolster support for our growing data-science team.

As a small company, expect to have lots of different roles and responsibilities - this is a feature not a bug!
The core duties of the role are:

  • Maintaining and supporting internal and client Infrastructure
  • Supporting and administering internal business applications
  • Internal and external network Security
  • Infrastructure and networked systems Monitoring
  • Management of system backups and restores and resolution of incidents identified.

We like to give the team flexibility to manage their time. This means if you want to take the morning off for a run, and work later in the day. That's fine by us.

Client contact:

  • Depending on the applicant, assist or lead on client projects.
  • Attend on-site client meetings (at some point in the future)
  • Off-site meetings via video conference call
  • Scheduling and organising support and updates with clients.


The following is to give you a flavour of how Jumping Rivers runs internally.

Almost everyone uses Linux, from the Admin team to the data scientists. We all use GitLab. Our main languages are R & Python.

Informal enquiries: If you would like an informal chat about this role, then feel free to email us at careers@jumpingrivers.com

Deadline: 2021/07/01. We will accept applications for a short period after this date. But we anticipate interviewing around then

Preferred Experience


  • Ability to diagnose faults and offer solutions across a broad range systems with an emphasis on Linux environments, Virtualisation, Security and networking

  • A solid understanding of general networking (including TCP/IP, networking/security, HTTP/HTTPS, SSL/encryption).

  • Linux Server configuration and maintenance experience

  • Infrastructure and network security awareness.


We don't expect applicants to fulfill all (or even most) of the criteria below. This
list is intend to give a flavour of the technologies used at Jumping Rivers.

  • Competence with version control solutions such as Git
  • IPTables / firewalls
  • Understanding of Docker and docker-compose environments and containerisation concepts.
  • Comfortable integrating with complex systems.
  • IaC/ automation experience preferably using Terraform
  • CI/CD tooling experience preferably using GitLab-ci, Git and GitHub Actions.
  • Experience using container orchestration solutions such as Kubernetes, Nomad and Docker Swarm.
  • Automation and scripting skills, including knowledge of Bash.
  • Bachelors degree or equivalent qualification

Key behaviours:

  • Confidence working both independently and as part of a small team.
  • Ability to multitask effectively ensuring timelines are met
  • A good understanding of change and risk management within a complex operational environment.
  • Keen interest in development, new technologies and innovation.
  • Ability to adhere to best practices and procedures
  • Ability to think proactively in a fast paced environment

Recruitment Process

  • Initial short listing
  • Thirty minute chat with a few of the JR team. This isn't part of the interview process and the discussions are private between you and the team. The intention is to give you a flavour of life at JR.
  • One hour interview
  • Depending on who was involved in the above process, a final chat with the CEO.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom ()
  • Education Level: A-levels
  • Experience: > 1 year
  • Possible full remote
  • Salary: between 23000 and 30000 / year